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               The old chamber music ensemble Anton Pann has chosen as a mission to rediscover the beauty of old Romanian music and  share it to the audience.
                The ensemble came into existence in 2003 and was established by young musicians, graduates of the National Music University, united by their passion to bring back cultural musical values between the 14th and the 19th centuries. 
                The authenticity of their music is based on  traditional musical instruments, for a sound that faithfully reflects the emotion of that epoch, as well as a large research activity that revealed old documents and manuscripts, owned by some libraries or by the archives of some monasteries and churches from Romania.
                In order to make the audience enjoy the beauty of this kind of music, as it was sung centuries ago in the mansion houses, the Anton Pann Ensemble’s musicians have studied the old musical systems, with micro-intervals and the specifc ornamentation.
                So, with every concert of the Anton Pann Ensemble, the long forgotten beauty of the old music reborns on the stage and precious old-time composers such as Dimitrie Cantemir, Anton Pann, Gheorghe Ucenescu, Archbishop Veniamin Costachi, Ioan Căianu, Ali Ufki, Sultan Abdul Aziz, Tambur Cemil Bey and many others are back on the romanian stages. Anonymus collections, as Codex Moldavae, Codex Valahae etc. are in this way rediscovered by the audience.
                 The music of the Anton Pann Ensemble brings back in front of an increasing audience, through the warmth of a flawless interpretation of the specifc orrnamentation and rhythmic, the taste of mansion music, the tenderness of classical oriental forms and also a fresh energy transposed by the new instrumentation, the vivacity of young interprets and their devotion to the music. In order to create an ample experience for audience, the Anton Pann concerts are frequently accompanied by video projections, light show, acting moments etc. Some concerts are honored by the presence of famous international musicians or enriched with some experiments which combines the old music with some jazz moments and electronic music.